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Mayuri E-Rikshaw (Delux 950)

Mayuri E-Rikshaw (Delux 950)

Mayuri Delux 950: Passenger Electric Rickshaw


Motor Type: 48 V Brush Less DC motor

No of Batteries: 4

Charging Time: ~7 hours

Voltage: 48 Volts, (Controller 50A, 24 Mosphets, 48V)


Loading Capacity: 450 Kgs

Maximum Speed: 35 kmph

Weigth of Vehicle: 145 Kgs


Motor: 1200W, 48V


Brake: Drum Type

Vibration Damper: Hydraulic Exposed Spring

Rear Suspension: Leaf Spring

Climbing Capacity: 12 Degree Incline(equivalent to flyover)


Driving Distance: ~80 kms per full charge

Outline Dimensions (in Ft): Wheel base: 2030 L x B x H: 1000 x 2690 x 1711

Ground clearance: 200 mm


Note:  Optional Steel Body Design: Stainless steel (Above the Chasis only) also available.

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