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Product Design and Collaboration Services

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Professional services related to Design of Industrial Products, Plant Automation, IOT, Robotics, Medical Equipment, Machine Design. Business Consultation.


Industrial Structure Design

Hire a Design Engineer - Time based

Get a Expert Designer on CAD, to work with your Sales team to understand the clients needs, and Design the Industrial Structures, Assembly Drawings, and Individual part Drawings, as per your standards and your requirements.


Plastics Product Design

Kitchen, Appliances, Switches, Autoparts

Get Plastics Products Designed, and 2D drawings delivered to you, within 7~15 days, along with CAD 3D models.


Machine Design

Industrial Production Machines

Get a customized machine Designed as per your requirements, with our Expert Designer on CAD.


Aluminium Product Design

Autoparts, Brackets, Crank Cases, Inserts

Get Aluminium Products Designed, and 2D drawings delivered to you, within 7~15 days, along with CAD 3D models.


Injection Mould/Tool Design

2 Plate Injection Mould

Get Plastics Injection Mould/Tool Designed for your product, within 7 days, as per your requirements.

Brass Door Handle

Brass Product Design

Bushes, Handles, Home Decor, Aricles

Get Brass Products Designed, and 2D drawings delivered to you, within 7 days, along with CAD 3D models.

Our Servuces
Engineering Department

Our Engineering and Management Department provide Engineering, Design  and Consultation services and enable our clients to focus on their core business.

We partners with clients to help them maximize the benefits and optimize the output from their engineering technology investments.


We serve a wide range of customers throughout USA, Europe, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Japan and India.

We provide customized services, with process-oriented methodology of to support our client's requirements also in the field of Concept design, Mock up, & Prototype Generation.


We have partnered with many of Indian Engineering service providers to better utilization of resources.

We have a design team and we manufacture a comprehensive line of Tools and Molds for the Plastics and Aluminum industry. We have vast experience in designing Plastics Injection molds, PDC Dies and Special DMC tools, Jigs & Fixtures, and SPM Machines.

We have a dedicated team of engineers, who are capable of working 24x7 days for the designing and working on live projects and providing consultancy services to Indian and Foreign clients.


We provide solutions for cost reduction, better design, better manufacturing methodology using affordable technology.

​ Our Advantages

  • Reduced Cost of Engineering and Design

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

  • Multi Skilled Resources

  • Experienced Consultants

  • Knowledge of American, Canadian, and European Standards & work cultures


Get the engineering products designed as per your ideas and concepts.

We collaborate with your application team, and support in designing machines in a professional and comprehensive manner. We will take care of preparing engineering drawings of complex products or machines.


​Our engineers are expert in collaboration using IT infrastructure, servers and equipment.


​We have tie-ups with local suppliers for 3D laser scanning, and prototyping requirements.


​We offer our services for the following:


​Plastics Products

  1. ​Ferrous and Non-Ferrous products

  2. ​Jigs / Fixtures

  3. Molds and Dies

  4. Fabrication projects

  5. Special Purpose Machine design

  6. Engineering Equipment

In this video, you will find answers related to Industrial Product Design.
Examples of Projects


We provide design support in Plasma cutting machines, Press Breaks, Roll Forming machines, and various Industrial SPMs.


Get your products prototypes developed on Rapid Prototype machines, Aluminium machined parts and Ferrous machined parts.

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