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Medical Equipments

Imported Medical Devices and Machines

  We have verified contacts in the Global Industry, and get you Medical Devices in Bulk quantities, in any country. 


 These products are certified by EU & USFDA and approved for shipping in Global market.​

 Get more information on the Products available here.

New Products

Get Medical Equipment and Machines Designed in shortest period of time

Medical products take the longest time to design and develop and further it takes longest time to validate and approve as per the Global market standards.​

Most of these products needs certification from authorized Medical Bodies, for process and application so that consistent results are obtained with maximum security and safety.

Our Designers will collaborate with your application team, and support in designing Medical Products and Machines in a professional manner. We will provide support in Patent applications and Trademarking your products. We will setup meetings with Medical Certification authorities, so that your products are launched into the market in shortest possible time.

Following Services are offered:

  1. Product Design

  2. Machine / Equipment Design

  3. Consultancy on Trademarking and Patent filing

  4. Certification of products

  5. Product launch and Marketing services

Check out this video from:

GreenSoft Technology, Inc.  ( Youtube )

Learn all you need to know about the European Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR), which becomes mandatory for medical device producers on May 26, 2021.

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