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Electric Reverse Trike

Electric Reverse Trike

Pre-book your own unique Electric Vehicle

It will come with all the latest features like:

+ a GPS navigation

+ a musical horn

+ a comfortable riding seat

+ Huge luggage space for carrying goods

+ Battery power monitoring

+ FM and Music system

+ 400Kgs load carrying capacity

+ Minimum 100Kms per day running at just 50? per (fully charged batteries)


Fully customisable dashboard, Interiors & exteriors, Seat Design, and colour options.


It is suitable for one or two passengers.


It will have four Lead-Acid batteries.


LI-ION batteries can also be fitted as per customers requirements.


It would run up to 110-250 km in one charge, depending on the battery installed.


Suitable for ladies, Overweight persons, Adventure enthusiasts, Electric Vehicle lovers.

    Excluding Sales Tax
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