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DR150 Hydraulic Rock Drill

DR150 Hydraulic Rock Drill



Weight130 kg
Model NumberDR150
Maximum Diameter Range64-89 mm
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure150-180 Bar
Maximum Impact Oil Flow50-80 Litre/min
Impact Frequency3000 min-1
Impact Power12 kW


Rotation Structure

 Rotation Pressure   180 bar (MAX)

 Rotation oil flow       40-60 (L/min)

 Rotation Torque       600 Nm (max)

 Rotation speed         250 min-1 (max)

 Shank Adapter           R38/T38/T45

 Weight                          130 Kgs




  • Technical Advantages

    1. Fast drifting speed
    2. Low power consumption
    3. Energy-efficient
    4. High impact power
    5. Frequency can be adjusted for different working conditions
  • Import Timeline

    This product's import timeline is approximately One month.

Excluding Sales Tax
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